We are a Southern California based production company, obsessed with nostalgic moments.

From sharing our daily growing pains to reminiscing about “back in the day,” we believe in the importance of preserving life’s everyday quirks. Our goal is to not only bring nostalgia, but relatable, feel-good content with people everywhere

<br> Drawing inspiration from Wong Fu Productions, Happy Slip, ilikegrass, and many other media veterans before us, Growing Up Productions hopes to take on the torch to shed light on stories and people that have shaped us to who we are today. We aim to bring a new generation of creatives to the limelight. Like the iconic influencers before us, we are dedicated to continue creating in order to inspire and empower the next generation to be loud, unapologetic, and real.  </br>


The Bahay Kubo

The bahay kubo is a type of stilt house used by Filipino indigenous peoples and is one of the most recognizable symbols of the Philippines.

<br> Created by a combination of bamboo branches, coconut leaves, cogon grass, and nipa leaves, it stands one to two feet of the ground to make way for wildlife or monsoon waters. Typically centered in the middle of the village, the kubo was a place for community. People gather together to share in each other’s presence and create family within one place. The bahay kubo is a symbol for Growing Up Productions as we hope create a place of community and unity. In a kubo, stories are shared from generation to generation and live in the heart of the town.
We hope you find a home in Growing Up Productions